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Take the Focus off of Yourself

By Dr. Joe Rubino

As human beings, we have a tendency to look for the flaw in what we do. We find countless ways to invalidate ourselves. Instead of focusing on our accomplishments, we zoom in on our short comings. This inability to be with failing actually drives our actions. If we cannot experience setbacks, we do not allow ourselves the room to experiment beyond the limits of our knowledge.

When you give yourself the room to experience new challenges, learn from these experiences, and grow from the wisdom they provide, you will realize that you are to be acknowledged just for putting out the effort. Your courage to attempt the unknown will create countless opportunities for discoveries into realms previously unknown.

To empower yourself to venture into areas unknown, declare yourself to be a novice in these areas. By putting yourself in research to explore the unknown without an attachment to a result, you can create the space to allow for potential success as well as new experiences to show up.

1. In what ways are you living a scarcity mentality by thinking that you must get yours before others beat you to it?
2. Identify exactly how you are competing with others rather than seeking ways to maximize cooperation.
3. As you go about your day, notice how often you think win-lose rather than win-win.
4. What is this paradigm costing you in terms of your happiness, health, potential, and fulfillment? Write your observations in your journal.

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