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Take the family to Denver Zoo’s new Toyota Elephant Passage

Baby Elephant
Baby Elephant

The long awaited Toyota Elephant Passage exhibit at Denver Zoo is now open and provides a wonderful way to spend the day with family, while becoming cozy with a variety of animals and their new beautiful and roomy habitat which represents tropical Asia. This exhibit will not only tell the story of these animals but includes stories of places and people in various regions of tropical Asia.

The Toyota Elephant Passage took over a decade of planning and preparation, which included two years of construction. The phenomenal price tag of $50 million dollars was met through fundraising efforts. Now the Denver Zoo has raised the bar and provided our families with more to see, experience, and do; and most importantly provided a more natural and healthy environment for the animals which is a part of the zoo’s mission to secure a better world for animals through human understanding.

Prepare to experience 2 miles of trails which connect at various junctions and are located on an enormous 10 acres of diverse terrain. It is touted to be one of the largest and most complicated habitats in North America. As soon as you enter this exhibit you will feel as if you’ve entered tropical Asia, with animals moving about at three separate animal crossings. What animals will you see? Well, a variety that’s for sure. Asian Elephants are not the only inhabitants; their neighbors include the Malayan Tapir, Greater One-Horned Rhinoceros, and the Clouded Leopard to name a few. Keep your eyes open for many other surprising species during your visit. There are a great amount of kid experiences and cultural aspects within this exhibit as well, such as The Dikeou family Elephant Station, Mark and Sally Murray Leopard Log, and the Elephant Listening Station.

This new experience is included in the regular gate admission and you can schedule free timed entry reservations which are made every 15 minutes due to demand of the exhibit. I hope you’re ready to be enlightened, amazed, and entertained by this new exhibit which definitely proves to be a wonderful new home for the inhabitants, and it is here to stay.