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Take the family ice skating to beat cabin fever


AP Photo/ Dmitry Lovetsky 

The long, dark days of winter seem to drag on forever, especially after having a glimpse of warmer temperatures. Entertaining yourself can be a trying experience, let alone trying to keep children entertained all winter. Do yourself and your children a favor – get out of the house and get some fun exercise!

Ice skating is a great, lively activity the whole family can enjoy. Children can have the freedom to burn off energy without breaking anything in the house and adults can use some long forgotten muscles. Ice skating is not only fun, but it can be a great workout also. Continuous skating, or skating without much coasting, offers wonderful cardiovascular benefits without the jarring impact of jogging or running. Swinging your arms offers even more of a workout. Skating also promotes increased muscle tone of the leg muscles, particularly the quadriceps and hamstrings. In addition to the mental boost of just getting out of the house and doing something, skating can also boost your mood.

A wonderful place to take the family ice skating is the South Charleston Memorial Ice Arena on Corridor G. This facility has much to offer your family at a reasonable price. Admission is $5 plus another $2 for skate rental. Skating lessons are available as well as adult and youth hockey leagues. If you are nursing an injury or you just don’t want to bruise your ego, let the kids skate while you relax by the fireplace and drink hot cocoa. For more information, contact the arena at (304)744-4423.

For more info: offers excellent information about ice skating.  For more info about the South Charleston Memorial Ice Arena, visit the City of South Charleston web site.


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