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Take the coolest notes of your life!

Notes can be boring, some of us take detailed notes that are over filled with information that we will never need and others are simply against all forms of notes in general. Notes do not have to be boring, in fact the latest note taking trends include a variety of lovely things like color coordination, the use of post-its and sketching.

Sketch notes (

The sketch note can be done in class or at home. All you need it your notebook and a pen, and from there the sky is the limit. Some students use only black ink others prefer to color them with crayons and highlighters. The best notes are those that you can read yourself, so always make sure to write them in the way that you will understand them.

Go Back through your class notes and rewrite them because you want to know the information that you class is about. If you don't ever look at them again, how can you expect to pass the class in the first place. Your notes should have a headline, be color coded and easily state the main idea of what you are looking for. If you have any other concerns about your notes or you cannot read something contact your instructor.

Sketch notes are wonderful, and they give you total creative control over them. You can draw large pictures within the context or your can add little gestures into the copy. If you do it right, you won't soon forget what it was you were writing about and soon you will be on the right track this semester. Don't ignore the value of note taking.

This semester is your chance to shine, so take it seriously and take notes every time. When you read through your chapters, make sure to add those to your class notes or to differentiate the notes in some way. You can separate with tabs in a binder, which makes it easier to organize.

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