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Take the Beautiful Mother Challenge

The love between a mother and child is beautiful to behold
The love between a mother and child is beautiful to behold
Sandy Wallace

There's always something new happening on Facebook. The Beautiful Mother Challenge started appearing on Facebook this summer. Here's how the challenge works. A Facebook friend will tag you in a post featuring pictures of her with her children.

The Beautiful Mother Challenge is a fun way to share photos on Facebook of you with your children
Sandy Wallace

Your challenge is to post photos of you with as a beautiful mother with your children, then tag several of your friends and ask them to join in the fun. It's quick and easy to play the Beautiful Mother Challenge.

Whether or not you feel beautiful, holding her child brings out a mother's natural beauty. The look of love shines from a mother's face as she looks at her child.

I became a mom when my oldest daughter Jenny was born. Life before motherhood was all about me, a night owl who liked to sleep late. Then came Jenny, an early riser who woke up hungry for milk and Mom's embrace. From my oldest child, I learned selflessness. Every time I look at my firstborn child, I remember sleepless nights followed by early mornings; the warmth of her skin against mine; and the sound of her quiet breathing as she fell asleep in my arms.

One of my fears when I was pregnant with my second child is that I wouldn't have enough love for both of my children. Three years and a few days after Jenny's birth, my second daughter Lauren was born. From my second child, I learned that love divided quickly multiplies. After Lauren was born, I often needed more than two hands but never needed more than one heart. My mom always said that she loved us all the same. As a mom, I know that the reality is that you love each of your children as they need to be loved.

My son Jack was born a few years later when the girls were five and two and life was busy. Full-time work and motherhood don't always mesh well. There was always more to do than time to do it all. What I learned from my son is that the most important things in life aren't things. A messy house was quickly trumped by a pretty spring day that beckoned us outdoors to play. Dishes in the sink weren't as important as playing with My Little Ponies or toy cars.

My mom became my role model when I became a mother. Even though she lived far away, I always knew I could count on her to help me with problems or questions. When my mom died on June 5, 2014, her love for all of her children and our love for her remained in our hearts forever.

When I married my husband, my children were teens. With the marriage came two more teens, my stepdaughter Stephanie and my stepson Brian. Life became even busier as we transported teens to their many activities and events. The kids are all grown and on their own now and we're blessed to be grandparents to three children ranging from 4 to 13 years old.

From babies to toddlers to adults, from preschool to high school, the active parenting years flew by for me. Although I didn't always feel beautiful, my kids made me feel like the most beautiful mom in the world. I wouldn't trade the memories for all the money in the world. My life was wrapped up in my kids and I'm so much richer for the experience. When I look at my grown children, a part of me yearns for the days gone by. But life goes on and life is good. For me, being a mom means that a part of my heart will always live outside my body.

Take the Beautiful Mother Challenge and relive your children's younger years. Be sure to tag your family and friends so they can play along and enjoy the fun of reliving precious memories.

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