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Take the Balance Bar pledge with Balance Bar and lifestyle expert Laurel House

Balance Bars

How are you hanging in there with your New Years resolution to lose weight or just to even live a healthier lifestyle? If you're having troubles and are ready to give up, don't feel bad. Only about 8% of people who make New Years resolutions actually stick and achieve those goals. So what can you do to be in that 8%?

Take the Balance Bar® Pledge! The Balance Bar® Pledge is an anti-resolutions pledge that encourages people to skip the tradition of setting overly ambitious and sometimes unachievable goals and instead make one small step each month. Balance Bar® is one of America's original nutrition energy bar and with the help of lifestyle expert Laurel House of The QuickieChick you can follow their tips for a year's worth of monthly realistic and achievable tips for the entire year.

“I love the idea of focusing each month on a small, achievable step,” says Laurel House. “For example, in May, I want you to surround yourself with motivating people. And in August, it’s all about taking care of your body. On their own, these may seem small, but they add up and build on each other, giving you the best and most balanced life by next December!”

For the month of January, make an “intention” board to stay motivated. Create an intention board of images and words cut from magazines that illustrate the energy behind your goals/intentions resolutions. For the tech savvy out there, go ahead and make it on Pinterest and don't forget to also check out Balance Bar® on Pinterest at

“The idea behind the Balance Bar® brand is to be your best you – and that involves setting yourself up for success,” said Katia Facchetti, Chief Marketing Officer for Balance Bar®. ”The purpose of the anti-resolution campaign, and the whole spirit of Balance Bar®, is to make small decisions that have positive impact every day that benefit the longer term. For a snack, do you choose a bag of chips or do you choose a nutritionally-sound Balance Bar®? Not a life-changing decision, but a small one that can have benefits today and down the road.”

Balance Bar® follows the 40-30-30 dietary principle which gives the body a balanced caloric ratio of 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% dietary fat that helps stabilize blood sugar levels which in turn gives the body energy that lasts all day and satisfy cravings along the way. Available in four different types to choose from that encompass almost 30 different tastes and flavors there's a Balance Bar® out there for everyone. All of Balance Bars are high energy and healthy snack alternative and Balance Bar® Dark are even gluten free.

For more information about Balance Bar® visit and its microsite at where anti-resolutioners are have joined together to take the Balance Bar® pledge, on and on Facebook at where you can also check out The Balance Bar® Pledge tab.

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