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Take the bah-humbug out of holiday season sinus pressure

Quickly get rid of sinus unhappiness and get out and have fun.
Quickly get rid of sinus unhappiness and get out and have fun.

The holidays bring songs of good cheers and a chance to catch up with family and friends. During the holiday time of year people also find that with the festivities come many pressures that are brought along with visitors, shopping busy stores and party hopping.

Quick tips for relieving sinus pressure

The largest of holiday stresses can be due to sinus pressures.

Maneuvering through coughing shoppers and traveling by airplane locked in with many sneezing out germs brings the threat of sinus congestion pressures along to hamper the holiday fun.

This is the time of year when people are most worried about catching a cold. According to a recent survey from Sudafed, "53-percent of people think they're more likely to catch a holiday cold than the holiday spirit. What's more, two in five Americans (43 percent) have missed out on a major holiday event like going out on New Year's Eve, due to a cold."

Everyone has experienced colds in their lives and know how miserable they feel as the pain and pressure of sinus congestion pounds their heads. Sudafed has rounded up the numbers to show just how most people feel about the horrors of catching and having colds.

  • More than one-third of people (37 percent) say that sinus pain and pressure is the worst cold symptom while 29 percent say congestion is the worst.
  • 35 percent of people think they caught their last cold at home, from a family member.
  • Three in four people (76 percent) say that sinus pressure is worse than hosting in-laws during the holidays

Stop the worry about sinus problems when you can spend the time enjoying winter and the holidays.

The worst time to get bunkered down feeling ill is when there is fun to be had and parties to go to. Therefore it is important fight the dreaded pressures on the sinuses in order to head out to enjoy the fun of the season. Fortunately for sinus sufferers, below are a few tips to help deal with sinus issues this winter:

  • Drink a lot of water: Water may help thin mucus, and thin mucus is more likely to drain. So bedsides all of the health benefits of drinking more water, you're adding to overall sinus relief.
  • Try a humidifier: Humidifiers increase the moisture in the air so that nasal passages are less likely to dry out. These devices are especially useful at night when you are not aware that your nasal passages are drying up.
  • Ease the pain: Applying a warm towel to your head may relieve some pressure by easing swollen tissues.
  • Consider taking a decongestant: Decongestants like Sudafed provide powerful relief of sinus pressure and congestion related to the common cold.

Go out and enjoy some fun without worry of an oncoming cold. Be prepared and arm yourself with supplies in case sinus congestion happens upon you in order to quickly conquer the sinus pressures before an overload of holiday pressures overwhelm the season of joy. Enjoy the winter season and share delights during the holidays. Get out there and have fun and never be afraid to dance!

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