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Take the 6 Week Challenge of More Intimate Sex in Marriage

Can one imagine a marriage filled with passion, love, friendship, intimacy, sex, vigor, vitality?

Love and Intimacy
The happy spouse

Take the 6 week challenge!

Couples have deeper intimacy in their relationship, passion and fun, through intimacy counseling!

This is the sex education that one wished they learned in school. Couples learn about their bodies, in a new way, as the body ages, sex, sexuality and drive change as well. Where men want it all the time in their 20’s and 30’s, as they age, it becomes the quality not the quantity, they crave the intimacy with their wives, the variety, the fun, but they don’t know how to get it. Women often times just have sex to get it over with, or feel like it is a chore, perhaps they enjoy it but not like they used too or they really want it but don’t know how to tell their husbands what they need. Believe it or not women have been wanting intimate sex for years, and most have given up by the time their husbands decide that they want it…….Why does this happen to so many couples over time?

Mother Nature takes over, and deals her deck of cards with no rules or instructions, so what couples did in their 20’s they are attempting to do in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s!!!!! Yes even couples in the later years can have amazing passion for each other, if they only knew how…

We go to doctors to heal us from injuries, illness, diseases, cancer, disabilities, but after the treatment is done, we are left with, an unsatisfying sex life, confusion, told to go to therapy or to just get over it…..wrong! My motto is everyone deserves to have a healthy sex life! Intimacy counseling teaches couples how to have intimate sex with each other in a new way….

Welcome to the future of great passionate sex, where you go to a session and have fun, learn about the body, arousal, desire, how to have a connection with each other again. There is no pressure to perform or get it right, it is about letting go and enjoying each other, learning about each other, touching, kissing, and finding new erotic zones, with fun home assignments.

Look around and you will see some of your friends who may be acting more loving towards each other, or still have that passion, and you wonder why?

Now you can have it too!

For more information go to The Happy Spouse or call Dawn Michael 805 732-7847 or visit her LIVE.

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