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Take some, pass it on.

Take some pass it on
Take some pass it on

I sit and contemplate my blessings. I sit and contemplate the heart ache all over the world.

Every second that I get to spend waking up in warm clean sheets in a soft and comfortable bed surrounded by wonderful people… all over the world, doing wonderful things.

Sharing chocolate, giving and receiving compliments, high fiving neighbors, friends, loved ones… taking the abundance back starting from your heArt center… and trickling out into the 100% that is everyone, here on the planet.

To do good things. That is my striving…. When I think I’m a master, I know nothing…. When I feel I am a servant, suddenly… I know it all… because I become one with it, instead of strangle holding and over powering.

We have so much to learn here… our government, our school systems, the way we treat our elderly, and our sick… our criminals…. And yet… we have the abundance, the opportunity, the priveledge of making a difference just through showing up, and believing in a collective dream that we are building together, sharing. I thank every single person who actively moved to inspire me to say all those things, because all of what I write is through watching… the story unfolding here, and listening closely to truly wise and beautiful souls.

I thank you. Friends. Danke’ …. Just keep showing up, and being beautiful and Following your hearts. And most of all that is how I truly feel.... thankful... and hopeful that I never wake up from such a beautiful dream that I am dreaming here.... and in the midst of that hoping to reach out, and potentially do some good, to touch and uplift someone. All the while.... constantly through that, filling my heart.

by Ashley Davene

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