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Take photos with Dead Rising's Frank West

Shot By Frank
Shot By Frank

Have you ever heard of the photojournalist Frank West? He's covered wars, you know. He also covered the zombie outbreak that took over Willamette, Colorado, alongside fighting in the Tatsunoko VS. Capcom and Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom 3 crossovers, and the Lost Planet series.

He's known for his first appearance in Dead Rising, and is returning for a spinoff of it's sequel, Dead Rising 2: Off The Record. Taking over the main role of Dead Rising 2 from Chuck Greene, Off The Record is a "what if" scenario.

To support the release of this game, Frank has released a photography app called Shot By Frank for iOS, not being his first appearance in the mobile OS. In his words

It's high time you all had a little taste of the fame and fortune I had, back before they took it all away. So I've created an iPhone App that enables you to create your very own magazine covers - just like the kind that used to feature my best zombie-slawying shots. And it's FREE. Grab it here and start shooting.

The app's free from Capcom, and unabashedly a promotion for the upcoming game. Still, who wouldn't want to take pictures like such a noted photojournalist?


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