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Take part in fabulous (free) Summer Reading Camp!

The program contains lots of printables, experiments and crafts
The program contains lots of printables, experiments and crafts

PBS KIDS and have partnered to create a wonderful Do-It-Yourself Summer Reading Camp with 10 fun weeks of crafts, activities, worksheets and more.

The themes include:

  1. Bugs: Who doesn't love bugs?! Ok, well some people actually, but this week's worth of bug-tastic activities is sure to change that, and please the bug lovers, too. Egg carton caterpillars, bug races, and ant stories mean your summer reader will sneak in some learning while she's having some creepy, crawly fun.
  2. Heroes: The high-flying escapades of heroes old and young, big and small, from far and wide are the perfect launching pad for a week of reading and learning packed with adventure! Make your own lightning, battle a dragon, test your super hero strength, and so much more with this week of activities that will bring out the hero in every child.
  3. Reading Quest: Ready for a reading quest? It's letters and words that will lead the way! This week's ideas are all about sparking a love of reading through letter and word play. From alphabet BINGO, to nonsense sentences, to word fishing, these activities will help build the foundation for a lifelong love of reading and a quest for the next great book!
  4. Animal Antics: Hungry puppies, clothespin zoos, and plastic bottle critters all make up this week's set of summer fun. These ideas will help keep your child's mind active through those dog days of summer (pun definitely intended). Throw on your zebra stripes, slap on your rhinoserous horn, and let the animal antics begin!
  5. Make Music: Bang on your flower pots, string your shoebox guitar, and make some bottle maracas with this week's round-up of music-making activities and printables! Remember that some great learning can come from making some great music, and that's what this week is all about.
  6. Dragons and Dinos: Dinos, and dragons, and fossils, oh my! Hang out with some scaly friends this week and learn some fantastical facts about dragons and dinosaurs, and so much more. Make a pop-up dinosaur pirate (you heard us!), write a daring dragon tale, and create your very own backyard fossil, all in this week's ideas for dino-sized fun.
  7. Play Outside: It's summertime! And that means it's time to get outside and play. After all, it's outdoors where some of the best learning happens. With treasure hunts, extreme hopscotch, Syllable I Spy, and so much more, you'll have a week's worth of outdoor fun that will keep your kid's mind and body active this summer.
  8. Get Wet! What else is summer good for if you can't have a little fun with some water? But getting wet and having a little fun doesn't mean the learning has to be put on hold. With homemade bubbles, water story cards, and a water relay, your child will soak up the summer with a week's worth of wet activities that keep the learning flowing.
  9. Sports & Games: Hut, hut, hike! Go long and catch some sports action this week with activities and games that are all about building your child's most important athletic muscle - her brain! We've got ideas for sports fans, and non-athletes, and everyone in between with beanbag tosses, dart boards, gold medals, and more.
  10. World of Words: Explore the wonderful world of words this week with activities, printables, and recipes that inspire a love of words and the magic they make. Play sight word Jenga, bake up a batch of words, and roll some word dice to discover the creative powers of words, and give your young reader the confidence to master word wizardry!

Each week contains printable worksheets and activity pages, plus crafts and more.

The activities seem to be geared towards pre-readers and new readers, though many of the crafts and activities will be fun for kids of all ages.

Also see offering free DIY summer camp! for another free DIY summer camp offered by

Have fun!

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