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Take ownership with Anywhere Labels

Anywhere labels adhere everywhere to keep lost objects found again
Anywhere labels adhere everywhere to keep lost objects found again
Image by Andrea Campbell

We just received some Anywhere Labels and are currently figuring out where we want to insert our ownership on all things ours. Here is an interview with Michele Welsh, creator of SafetyTat and Anywhere Labels

Q.: What was the inciting idea for creating Anywhere Labels?

M.: We had established ourselves as identification experts with our SafetyTat child ID temporary tattoos. We were obsessed with making products that clearly communicate helping children reunite with parents. The more success stories we received from parents, the more determined we became to improve and expand our product line. Anywhere Labels was the next natural step for us. It was a transition from helping return lost kids to helping return lost kids' stuff.

Q.: How are they able to be washable?

M.: Anywhere Labels are machine washable when applied to care tags in clothing, coats and soft toys.

Q.: Are they dishwasher safe as well?

M.: Yes! When applied to a clean, smooth surface, Anywhere Labels are dishwasher safe. We have put them through the test. Over. And over.

Q.: What styles do you have in packages?

M.: We offer large and small rectangular labels as well as metal tags. We also have "school" and "camp" combination packs. Customers can choose from a variety of colors and designs to customize their Anywhere Labels. Each design offers space for up to two lines of information. We suggest a name and contact phone number.

In February, we plan to launch our "Funky Shapes" (still working on the name!) series, which will be available in Cloud, Oval and Hex die cut shapes. They will add a little more fun and personality to our Anywhere Labels.

Q.: Where are some areas you would suggest we put Anywhere Labels?

M.: Anywhere Labels can be applied to any clean and dry solid surface or care tags on clothing and soft toys. They are perfect for books, sippy cups/water bottles, lunch containers, coats, sports uniforms, sporting goods, school supplies, electronics. We have received suggestions back from our customers with thanks for helping to identify those most-lost or hard to identify items such as electronics/MP3 chargers, lacrosse gear, baseball hats, and coats.

Q.: What can you tell Home and Living readers about SafetyTat?

M.: SafetyTat is a child identification temporary tattoo that reads, "If Lost, Please Call" and displays a parent's mobile phone number or child's allergy or medical alert. They were designed to help reunite children who may have difficulty recalling important contact information should they be separated from Mom or Dad. They are fun and colorful for kids and they provide a bit of peace of mind for parents. SafetyTat tattoos are perfect for large venues, such as amusement parks and airports, and offer a great method of protection for children with allergies or special medical conditions.

SafetyTat products are available in two distinct styles: "Original" (applied with water and customizable on our website), which last 1-3 days and "Quick Stick Write-On!" (Made with our proprietary Tateck® peel-and-stick tattoo material; customizable with our provided non-toxic permanent marker), which last up to two weeks

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