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Take on bad weather with a smile and your Frogg Toggs

These Tekk Toads keep you and your gear nice and dry
by Frogg Toggs

When it comes to rainy weather, there are two ways to handle it. Stay inside and forget the plans you made or two, get out and enjoy your plans despite the weather. I’ll always opt for number two since I got a pair of Frogg Toggs Tekk Toad raingear. These pants and jacket are lightweight, yet they really protect from the elements with their 100% waterproofness.

Whether you are fighting a torrential downpour on the Cliffs of Dover, or a steady drizzle on the sidelines of a peewee football game, there’s nothing better than staying completely comfortable and dry inside your rain gear.

For years, I bought cheap ponchos and cursed every time the wind would whip them about, usually soaking the side of my clothes. Even the closed ones would let the bottom of my pants become a saturated mess.

I even bought a cheap plastic rain pant/jacket combination that tore the first time I tried wearing it while bike riding. They were also unbelievably hot and uncomfortable.

No more! These Tekk Toads by Frogg Toggs are made of durable, 100% breathable material that really lasts. With pockets in the pants and jacket, you can keep your camera and cellphone handy and available.

The jacket is parka-length and features a raglan sleeve with an adjustable closure on the cuff. Reflective piping ensures that you’ll be seen by car headlights on those dark and foggy nights.

A pair of waterproof pockets with pulls on both the coat and pants provide easy and welcome dry storage for camera, phone, and wallet. Not only do my wife and I stay dry while enjoying the outdoors, so do our tech gadgets. Who wants a waterlogged cellphone anyhow?

Best part – they don’t cost a fortune. Check out their entire line of pants and coats at

Also check out their Chilly Sport, ideal for keeping your cool while exercising.

This product is has been awarded the Senior Citizen’s Thumbs-Up rating on Check the Senior’s page for more recommended products for those 65 and up.

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