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Take off your shoes and go barefoot to celebrate National Barefoot Day

Today is the day to kick off your shoes. It is acceptable to go barefoot wherever you go on June 1. That's because it's National Go Barefoot Day. Join millions of people around the world in this shoe-free celebration.

June 1 is National Barefoot Day

June 1 is a day to rebel against wearing shoes. Feel free to run barefoot through the grass or walk barefoot on the beach. National Go Barefoot Day is an “unofficial” National holiday that was created by the people at Soles4Souls, a global charity with the goal to put shoes on the feet of 300 million underprivileged children

The celebration got its start after the 2004 Tsunami disaster to show support to those affected by the tragedy. However, donations have continued to come in, and over 19 millions pairs of shoes have been donated worldwide since 2005.

The real purpose behind this shoeless holiday is to encourage people to donate new and used shoes to victims of natural disasters. Donate shoes you no longer need. You can even celebrate Go Barefoot Day by treating your own feet to a treat by having a pedicure.

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