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'Take Me To Love', a MONSTER CAT music video

Art is meant to make you feel something. It encourages dialogue and controversy. MONSTER CAT's new video "Take Me To Love" is no different in that regard. With band member names such as Hentai Cat, Psycho Cat, and Meta Cat it should come as no surprise that the video features cats and other oddball visuals. This Singapore-based band will have you wondering if it was the music or the video that catches your attention. We think the music is catchy and the video is sure to go viral for it's psychedelic quirks. The "Take Me To Love" music video is not safe for epileptics, but otherwise is a delightful "WTF did I just watch?" experience. Anything involving cats with laser eyes has our vote.

Photo by Chris McGrath

"Take Me To Love" is just one song off of their new album "The Violet Hour." You can preview the whole thing on iTunes. Our favorite track is actually "Eat You Up." Whereas the hit single "Take Me To Love" is upbeat and groovy, "Eat You Up" is a soulful and slow ballad that truly resonates audibly and emotionally. Our suggestion: watch the "Take Me To Love" video for a goof and then give "The Violent Hour" a serious listen, particularly track ten, "Eat You Up."

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