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Take hands-free selfies with Hisy

Take selfies with no cord, no fuss, and no trouble with the Hisy
Take selfies with no cord, no fuss, and no trouble with the Hisy

How many "selfies" have you taken today?

Judging from what has been going on with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it's probably more than a few.

If you need to take selfies and lots of them, you need a remote trigger for your smartphone and Hisy. It's a big help if you've found your selfies to be blurry, off center, or too dark.

You want a selfie to be unique and believable, and the Hisy can help you with that.

Now available at, this would make a perfect gift for mom, dad, a grad, or anyone that uses the camera on their smartphone. The small device, about the size of a quarter, offers 90-foot Bluetooth range, a 2-year battery and an easy to hit button to take single, group, and landscape selfies.

The Hisy really does pair easily with your iPhone 4 or more current and iPads. Then it's ready for use and ready whenever you are.

A nice touch with the Hisy is that when it isn't in use, there is a connector that plugs into your phone so the Hisy doesn't get lost. I keep mine right in my backpack so I know where it is at all times, but if you are going to be at a party or sporting event, it will fit nicely in your pocket.

Take better selfies and have some fun with the Hisy Selfie Remote. It's $24.95 at

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