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Take five minutes

They are what keeps us moving
And so much more they are a friend

Our dependence on animals for more than a pet has been quite apparent for some time. We all love and honor our pets in individual ways. Many of us consider them to be a part of our family and we are horrified to find them being mistreated or abused. We see them as our helper and in some case our protector and the physical reason for our being able to maintain our independence. They are after all loveable, funny, strong and in so many ways where we put our trust.
This is why it is with a very special thanks we look to Whittaker, CA Library system for their April reading and conversations with Luis Carlos Montalvan and his memoir: Until Tuesday: A Wounded Warrior and the Golden Retriever Who Saved Him There are many foundations and service dog programs which provide for our countrymen, but one must wonder how often we give thought to the trial by fire which has put them before us.
This is perhaps a challenge: when going out today and see a service animal, take five minutes to consider the story behind the situation. Was this need created due to an accident or a job related injury, perhaps it was a fluke of nature. And then give thought to how long and how many people were brought together at different stages to help this scene in front of us take place. Put ourselves in the shoes of the person relying on the service animal to meet their daily lives head-on.
Five minutes is a very long time when used in this way, imagine how long it takes each one of those we see to get ready to make this trip out of their home, so we can spend five minutes just thinking.

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