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Take Five: An Interview with Profezia

Founded in 2000, Italy’s Profezia is a one-man band, but it has involved collaborations with other talented musicians from around the world. The band is masterminded by Kvasir, who has participated in bands such as Abhor and Ancient Supremacy. Profezia’s latest full-length studio CD is titled Oracolo Suicida. Take Five spoke with Kvasir, who had the following to say.

Profezia full-length studio CD "Oracolo Suicida."
Profezia full-length studio CD "Oracolo Suicida."
Italy's Profezia.
Moribund Records

Tell me about your band and your musical approach.

Kvasir: “Profezia was born in 2000. I was simply tired of playing in bands and to compromise with other people. Different views; so instead of arguing I started my solo project. I have to admit that it developed in a curious way. Despite being born as one-man-band I have collaborated with quite a few musicians through the years. I’m Italian, but I’ve been living in Norway for years because of my job and travelled around in Europe regularly. So I have got in contact with interesting people that helped me with my project. Profezia was born in Southern Europe and developed in Scandinavia, a kind of Norse-Mediterranean congregation! That’s life . . . a coincidence of events!”

Tell me about your latest CD, Oracolo Suicida, which will be re-released by Moribund in March 2014. What can listeners expect to experience?

Kvasir: “Oracolo Suicida started almost as an experiment. After we put down the basic ideas for the songs, we wanted a new sound, and I came up with the idea to try some less common instrument in metal music, namely the violin. I think we crossed the borderline with this full-length and started exploring some interesting territories—so give a listen to this full-length, you won’t regret it.”

What inspired the lyrics to the track “Il Gioco del Parassita”? How did you go about putting the words down on paper?

Kvasir: “It’s Saevum (Abhor) who writes lyrics for Profezia. However, we start for the same vision of life: Our destiny and fate have already been written by some upper entity, so we live our lives as puppets governed and directed by someone else.”

What led you to incorporate the violin into your approach to ambient black metal?

Kvasir: “We didn’t want the standard boring hyper-fast-blast-beat black metal album, but we spent years composing instead and tried different approaches to the music. So this is the result. The listeners will judge.

“We’re going forward, exploring new horizons . . . the future is ours!”

Any plans to take Profezia on the road? Does performing live under Profezia interest you?

Kvasir: “Concerts have always been a kind of dream for Profezia. I wouldn’t say it is impossible but really challenging for sure, due to the distance as we all live in different countries at the time being. Anyway, you never know, so keep your eyes open!”

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