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Take Five: An Interview with Loinen

Hailing from Finland, Loinen play a mix of sludge and noise metal. New albums released by Loinen, including their latest self-titled one (released through Svart Records), use only bass guitars to honor the band’s fallen guitarist Secundus, who committed suicide in 2009. Take Five spoke with Pekka, who had the following to report.

Cover artwork for Loinen's self-titled release on vinyl.
Cover artwork for Loinen's self-titled release on vinyl.
Svart Records
Finland's Loinen play a mix of sludge and noise metal.
Svart Records and Loinen

Interesting name for a band. Please define what it means in English and explain how it reflects your musical approach, if possible.

Pekka: “‘Loinen’ means ‘parasite,’ and it describes us as humans and what we are. We are parasites that slowly destroy everything. We take what we need and keep things ‘fakely’ alive, just for us without thinking what happens in the future. I feel our music as depressing slow hate [and describes] what society makes us roam through.”

Tell me about your latest self-titled CD. What can listeners expect to experience?

Pekka: “Well, its vinyl and there’s no CD version to come. I hope listeners will find it sort of a burst of depression, hatred, and frustration of the way of world.”

What inspired the lyrics to the track “Kuolemanselli”? How did you go about putting the words down on paper?

Pekka: “‘Kuolemanselli’ means ‘deathcell,’ and it tells a story about the humans that we have faced. How suddenly their life is them simply stuck in their homes—they won’t go out anymore. It is because of the TVs and computers—they think they have everything with them in their own universe. Words fly onto the paper when you have the idea of what to say and why.”

How would you say the band has evolved since its formation? How would you say the music has evolved, looking back at the early demos and your 2007 debut CD, which was also self-titled?

Pekka: “Loinen has been always weird orchestra with unusual happenings and people walked in and left the band for different reasons. We have faced suicide, illness, gang joining, mental problems, etc. We started playing hardcore and slowed that down to ‘mutacore,’ still being continuation of history. Nowadays we have solid lineup that we can do more gigs and more things than just by sudden inspiration. We don’t follow any red line, so we don’t know what we are doing next. We enjoy being together and meeting new faces. Since our guitarist hanged himself, we haven’t had a guitar player. That’s our way to respect his history in our band. We are continuing now with two basses and that’s totally different since album 2007, which was also unnamed because we don’t give a name to albums. That album is also only on vinyl.”

Any plans to tour in the United States? Any chance of coming to New Mexico?

Pekka: “I was thinking to fly there tomorrow? [laughs] Well, we would love to travel everywhere, but it’s not always possible. New Mexico is probably a cool place, but who would pay for us to get there? Basically, the whole band is unemployed and that’s why we don’t have money to do trips all-around the world. Hey, life is just sh*t, but we don’t care about it! Keep waking your head up!”

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