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Take Five: An Interview with Dodsferd

Hailing from Greece, Dodsferd play underground black metal. Around since 2001, the band have released eight full-length studio CDs (as well as various EPs, splits, and live albums), the latest of which is titled The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race. Take Five spoke with founder and mastermind Wrath, who discussed the latest album and his philosophy regarding his musical approach.

Dodsferd's CD "The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race."
Dodsferd's CD "The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race."
Greece's black-metal band Dodsferd.

Dodsferd have been around since 2001. How would you say you have evolved as a band, and looking back, what would say is your greatest achievement to date? How about your biggest disappointment?

Wrath: “Nothing has changed all these years. I am still f#$king His creation with all the hatred and disgust I have for Him and His bastard sons and daughters. Dodsferd remains an uncompromising misanthropic underground black metal band for the few. The difference is that new band members have entered my band since 2009 and have given their best from their musical skills, in order to take my songs and albums to a higher level. But I am still composing all the music and writing all the lyrics. [Dodsferd was originally a one-man band, masterminded by Wrath.]

“Dodsferd has also become a live band. We have made a tour in USA in 2011 and we have appeared in several underground black metal festivals in Europe since 2009. My greatest achievement was the tour in USA in 2011. It was a true underground tour, supported by true Dodsferd followers. What’s my biggest disappointment? I expect nothing from no-one, so there is nothing to disappoint me. Only myself is capable to disappoint me, but this is something that will never happen.”

Tell me about your latest five-track CD, The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race, which will be re-released by Moribund in March 2014. What can listeners expect to experience?

Wrath: “Chaos, destruction, and total disgust for the human race and the f*^king parasites that live and breathe in this sh*t hole, that is called planet Earth!”

What inspired the lyrics to the track “Creator of Disease”? How did you go about putting the words down on paper?

Wrath: “Human leftovers!!! That’s my greatest inspiration and there is plenty out there. I had no problems in putting the words down on paper. I always wanted my lyrics to be straight on the things I was writing. I express my darkest feelings through these lyrics. So there have to be straight, honest, and not structured with difficult words and other mystical meanings, with a poetic essence. That’s for the clowns who want to present themselves as black metal poets. F%$k off, losers!”

Which do you prefer: playing live or working in the studio? Why?

Wrath: “I would prefer both of them. One complements the other. Playing live this misanthropic music can create feelings that I could never experience only by working in the studio.”

Looking back at your catalog of recordings, including demos and splits, what would you say is your personal favorite? Why?

Wrath: “It’s difficult to answer you this question, because each of my releases is unique and describes a certain period of my life. They are all pieces of a puzzle of my life. I couldn’t choose only one.”

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