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Take Five: A follow-up interview with Rio Rancho’s Destroy to Recreate

Founded in 2010, Rio Rancho’s Destroy to Recreate play what they like to call “Dirt Metal,” a combination of heavy-metal genres. The band has released a couple of CDs, the latest of which is titled D.I.R.T. Take Five caught up with Destroy to Recreate’s guitarist/vocalist Alex Marquez and discussed the New Mexico scene and the status of the band’s new material, including a new full-length studio CD.

Destroy to Recreate tearing it up live.
Destroy to Recreate tearing it up live.
Destroy to Recreate
Rio Rancho's "Dirt Metal" band Destroy to Recreate.
Destroy to Recreate

Destroy to Recreate were formed in early 2010. How would you say your musical approach has evolved through the years? How would you describe your sound today?

Alex Marquez: “I would have to say our sound has evolved hand-in-hand with our member changes. There was about a year of instability line-up-wise, so we would be getting a group of songs down and then someone would have to bounce for whatever reason and we would have to kind of bring new members up to date, which would usually add to or take away from the vibe we were into—not to mention trying to write new material in the midst of it all.

“We’ve had some really good musicians and cool guys jam with us, but our core sound has always been to keep it hard and heavily groove oriented while mixing in all our members musical influences into the sound. We try and make an effort to not confine ourselves to one genre of metal, but instead weave them all up to create what we call ‘Dirt Metal.’”

Tell me about your second full-length studio CD, D.I.R.T. What can listeners expect to hear? How can they get their hands on a copy?

Alex Marquez: “You know, the story behind our release, D.I.R.T., is kind of a sad one for us. As far as the record goes, it’s a good, solid effort. I'm definitely proud of it. We had Maurice Mentzer on drums, Mark Melhoff on bass, Billy Overstreet on guitar, TJ Larez on samples, and me on guitar and vocals. Times got real hard on us as a band, but we did accomplish quite a bit with this line-up.

“Maurice had to move to Arizona ‘cause he couldn’t find a steady job in Burque, and I guess Mark got discouraged with the situation and left to focus on his side project Method Blank, and then Billy had a kid and disappeared.

“But back to the CD—it’s got nine solid tracks and can be purchased on cdbaby and itunes or you download a few tracks for free on ReverbNation. We really don’t try and push it too hard just because we are like a new band now, we still play some of the songs and will probably resurrect them all eventually, but I think it captures us as band at that time pretty well. We recorded it over three days under the gun, which was fun and nerve-racking at the same time.”

“The CD opens with a straight-up drinking song called ‘Loaded,’ and then we take it to streets with a track about living check-to-check and the homeless entitled ‘Kid of Skid.’ Then we delve into our theme song at the time, ‘Warcry,’ and the next tune is kinda of a look at war and the effects it has on us all, including the troops that get sent out to do the dirty work—it’s called ‘Machine Gun Malice.’ After that, we take a look at the direction society is headed as far as it is portrayed in today’s media with the song ‘Bitter is the Taste.’ Next is a love/hate semi-ballad called ‘Loveless.’ The next track is a post-apocalyptic diddy titled ‘Polluted Playground,’ and then we wrap up the CD with a re-recording of one our first songs, which is about addiction and its downfalls. It’s called ‘Addict,’ which is also what we named TJ’s stage persona when we play live.”

What can attendees expect at a Destroy to Recreate live performance? Do you do anything special before you go on stage to get ready for a show?

Alex Marquez: “We try to improve on each of our live shows, but one thing is for sure and that is we play loud and heavy and no-holds-barred on stage. It’s like we just try and feed off our music. Some nights are better than others, depending on the vibe that we feel at the time, but we try and keep it aggressive and in your face. Once the music starts, you never know what’s gonna happen, good or bad (laughs).

“It’s not unusual for some blood to get left on stage or in the pit or something to get broken or caught on fire. Playing live is just an opportunity for us to cut loose and let out our aggressions. It is like a freaking therapy session with lights and smoke. Hopefully, our audience can get lost with us for that short amount of time we’re on stage. There really is nothing like it when we are firing on all cylinders—it’s like magical mayhem when you feel the hair rise on the back of your neck and sweat dripping everywhere. Yeah, that’s Dirt Metal and that’s what we living for!”

Do you have an opinion on the New Mexico scene? What do you like? What do you not like?

Alex Marquez: “I think the NM scene has mad potential. There is a lot of unrecognized talent, for sure. We have played with a lot of great local bands over the years and have met some really cool people from other bands and the audiences. Of course, you have your drama and sh*t, but we try and avoid all that and stay focused on our music and doing that the best we can. It’s always cool to see bands we’ve played with get hooked up with good opportunities in the scene and it motivates us to keep getting better, but we don’t try and compete with anyone but ourselves. I wish I personally could get out and support my brothers and sisters in the scene a lot more than I do, but family life is a hard one to juggle sometimes. So if you are one that can support our local music scene regularly, we got mad props for ya. Thank you to all the peeps that have shown us luv over the few years we’ve been around, We don’t forget you all and every new friend we meet makes this all worth it, cuz we sure ain’t getting rich off of what we do. It’s the love of art and being able to share it that keeps us going.”

What’s next for Destroy to Recreate? Any plans for a new CD? Details?

Alex Marquez: “We are really excited about the new CD. We’ve been working on it for the past few months now that we have a solid line-up and can move forward. D.t.R. is now Justin McKinney on bass, Ramon Dominguez on guitar, TJ Larez on samples, Chris Perkins on drums, and me on vocals/guitar. We have ten songs in the works so far and two are like days away from being unleashed. We have been doing the recording ourselves so far and we are real happy with the results. It’s nice to be able to take more time and not be in a rush, though it does test your patience. The new songs are ‘Lie You Live’ and ‘Shameless.’ You can catch us playing them live at our next show on February 6 at our new favorite venue, The Jam Spot. It’s on the corner of San Pedro and Copper. We are psyched to opening up for two incredible bands, Abigail Williams and Erimha. Hopefully, this will be printed by then (if we’re lucky—laughs). We want thank you, Octavio, for taking an interest in us and all in the scene. It’s people like you that keep it alive—keep it up and keep it dirty! Peace brotha . . . D.t.R.4LIFE.”

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