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Take down other cars in a destruction showdown

Total Wreckage Images
Total Wreckage Images
Paul Iuzzolino

Get ready to drive hard and fast in Total Wreckage. Players take part in several demolition derbies and try to take out rival cars by crashing into them. In each derby you are required to take down a certain amount of cars to move onto the next contest. During each derby, you can use turbo boost to smash into or dodge cars. Side missions are also available to unlock additional cars. Once the contest commenced, you ride down a ramp and into the arena. The cars start riding all over the arena, and your task of taking them all out begins. As you hit every car, you get points based on the impact of the hit. The hits range from weak to hard. There is a trap set in the middle of the arena, and in order to set the trap up, you have to ride over it. Several obstacles appear in the arena, such as tires and mud puddles. As you get hit by other cars, look for the icon of the wrench and plus sign to replenish your energy. The lighting bolts around the arena will fill up your boost meter, and the best way to get maximum points is to have this full when smashing into a car. A clock icon in the arena can give you extra time.

The side mission in the first arena is to avoid a trap, but that's easier said then done when cars smash into you. The side mission in the next arena is to activate seven traps, and this one is hard. The best way to complete this side mission is to constantly use the handbrake to see the trap, and then go for it right away. In the second arena, is it raining really hard and the sky is really dark, so the cars move even faster. In mostly all the arenas, the cars stay behind when they are destroyed, so at times it's like a maze to maneuver around them. The gameplay gets really intense, but it's really fun to avoid the other cars and unlock all the vehicles. The next side mission involves eliminating five cars with turbo, and this is made more complicated with the boosts being placed around the outer edges of the arena. Once you play this game for awhile, it's becomes easier to hit the cars.