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Take care of the Earth - fun activities for the family

Plant flowers for Earth Day
Plant flowers for Earth Day

Taking care of our planet is important. On April 22 we will celebrate Earth Day. This is a great opportunity for families to work together towards making their corner of the world a better place. Here are some ways your family can help celebrate Earth Day.
Take Part in a Community Project
Many communities have scheduled projects in April. Look up the number for the Chamber of Commerce and ask them if they know of any events. The local newspaper should also list upcoming activities.

If there isn't one in your neighborhood then start one yourself. Community events might include:

  • Perking up an area in your town. Plant flowers and trees to add a touch of color and beauty to barren or plain areas.
  • A neighborhood trash clean up – get together with your neighbors and coordinate a time for everyone to sweep the streets and lots for trash. Consider making it a monthly event.
  • A newspaper recycling drive. Pass out flyers stating a date that you will come by and pick up unwanted papers. This too could be something you do monthly.
  •  Help your neighbor day - cut grass for the elderly or rake their lawns. Plant some flowers for those who are unable to garden. Paint a fence or wash down porch furniture.
  • Pass out flyers with ways to cut back on energy. Design your own energy saving tips and hand them out to all the houses in your neighborhood.
  • Hold a food drive. Call a local food bank and plan a date to gather food to share with the less fortunate.

As you can see there are many ways you can help your neighborhood.