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Take back your spiritual time in Mother Nature (part three of three)

The "Elephant Tree" at the Clinton Community Nature Center
The "Elephant Tree" at the Clinton Community Nature Center
Duann Kier Sywanyk

Take Back Your Time Week ends on January 29.  Here’s another idea for taking back your spirituality in Mother Nature by experiencing common, ordinary time in an uncommon, extraordinary way.    


There’s a tendency to think that getting back to Mother Nature takes travelling a long distance, but what if you could get there in your own backyard?  The
ClintonCommunityNatureCenter (
) is providing you with the perfect opportunity to do so on Arbor Day.  Beginning at on Saturday, February 13, the center will hold its Native Plant Sale offering more that 50 species of plants native to central
, including antique roses. 


Originally created by a donation of land by the family of Walter and Lulie Price, the center’s 33 acres is found right smack dab in the middle of Olde Town Clinton, Mississippi.  Located at

616 Dunton Road

, it includes a section of the original Natchez Trace which was donated by the late Mrs. Bea Quisenberry.  Native plants have been planted to replace nonnative, and now more than 2.5 miles of walking trails are laid out with over 200 species labeled for easy identification by hikers. 


While there, you’ll want to visit Fern Gully and The Butterfly Garden.  Fern Gully contains approximately 40% of the fern species native to our state.  A small pond and over 20 species of wildflowers and flora are incorporated into The Butterfly Garden.  You will also want to visit the “Elephant Tree” on Grapevine Loop.  Trail maps are available at Price Hall, the center’s main building.


Taking back your spiritual time in Mother Nature doesn’t have to end here.  If you want to know more about gardening and conservation, the center offers educational programs that include lectures as well as hands-on demonstrations.  There’s even a summer day camp for children and a project for rescuing, raising and releasing monarch butterflies. 


One of the great things about purchasing native plants through the Whitfield Price Nursery is that if you have any questions, someone should be able to find the answer for you.  Education is actually what they do at the
ClintonCommunityNatureCenter.  It’s another place where taking back your spiritual time in Mother Nature should come quite nature-ly.  And when you’re perpetuating the continuation of a species native to your own little corner of the world, you’ll find once again that common, ordinary time can become quite uncommon and extraordinary. 



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  • Joyce 5 years ago

    I love the elephant tree!

    I will search for the equivalent source of native plants where I live / plan to live. It will remind me of days growing up in the woods.

  • Karen Parker 5 years ago

    So many people say they can't find much to do in Jackson. Thanks for showcasing some of the wonderful places to see in and near Jackson. This was a great reminder for me, personally, to re-visit these treasures and allow myself to reclaim my spiritual "nature."

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