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Take an exclusive peek inside Kardashian home for sale in Studio City for $6 mil

Anyone who passes the familiar-looking house in Fryman Canyon while going for a hike up in the Studio City hills in California will know that the Kardashians don't really live at the fancy estate where they tape Keeping up With the Kardashians, but if you're lucky enough to get invited to one of the many charity parties held at the house, you'll know why it was used for the location shoot.

Many fancy parties were held at the faux Kardashian home.
Many fancy parties were held at the faux Kardashian home.
Mike Szymanski, Studio City Community Activism Examiner
The house was host to many parties over the years.
Mike Szymanski, Studio City Community Activism Examiner

George Clooney, where he hosted the largest private fundraiser in history, lives right around the corner. Teri Hatcher lives up the block. Gwen Stefani lives up the hill and Britney Spears had a house nearby. Hilary Duff, Eddie Van Halen and Vanessa Hudgens are all neighbors.

But the Kardashians (even though the girls often hike the canyon, and even more often are seen shopping on Ventura Boulevard shops in Studio City) actually live about half an hour drive away in Calabasas. (In fact, one recent report is that they're buying the Justin Bieber house where he's had so many problems with his neighbors there.)

When they lived in Beverly Hills, Chloe said that the fans would come to the house all hours of the night and she had to call the police. That's why they use the exterior (and some of the fancy interiors) in the lavish estate that's now for sale in Studio City.

With a large lawn and 600-year-old imported fountain out front their on-screen house is now going for $6.5 million. It is an Italian style mansion with gold plated chandeliers and fixtures form the Paris Opera House in 8,0000-square feet on two levels. The house has been owned by a publicist who often allows it to be used for charity parties.

Check out some of the star-studded private parties that I went to in the photo gallery where I shot some of the private areas.

The house has been used on "True Blood" and many other film shoots as well.