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Take Along Some Great Useful Stuff When You Travel

Great Useful Stuff
Great Useful Stuff
Great Useful Stuff

Keep Your Clothes and gear organized when on the go thanks to these products from Great Useful Stuff (GUS).

Packing Cubes
This lightweight set of 4 packing cubes is easily labeled "underwear/socks, "shirts," "workout" and "worn," so one can easily find one's clothes as well as having a place for one's laundry. These pouches velcro together so they can be placed together and hung on a hanger.

Pack and Plug Cord Bag
This sturdy water resistent bag (9" L x 3.75” W x 6.75” H) works well for the family or individual who travels with a lot of gear. sturdy elastic strap holds a power strip in place so one can plug in up to 4 devices at once. Just unroll the bag plug in the power strip and there's have all the cords needed in one place to charge one's gear. An interior mesh pocket holds a hard drive or extra accessories.

The Personal Media Travel Pouch
This portable pouch (10.75" L x 6.5" W x 1.5" H) has six pouches so it can easily store 3 portable electronics such as a smartphone, iPod Touch, and digital camera along with their cables. Another option is to store a total of 6 cables and ear buds with space for a portable battery charger. Toss this into a backpack or tote bag and never search around for misplaced cables or earbuds again.

100% Waxed Canvas Cord Roll
This lightweight roll made from 100% durable cotton works well to store a smart phone, computer chargers, USB and Firewire cords so they are easy to find. Thanks to compartments labeled "Tablet", "Phone" and "Computer," one can find the right cord quickly. This item measures 12” x 8” x 1.5” when unrolled.

Waxed Cotton Dopp Kit
This TSA-friendly eco friendly Dopp Kit (10” x 7.5” x 4”) is made of 100% recycled cotton coated for water resistance with reinforced seams, a sturdy strap and ventilated base for moisture control. A detachable transparent compartment holds one's liquids for easy inspection by TSA screeners.

Beauty Book
This notebook style organizers can keep one's makeup organized thanks to a number of mesh compartments that hold a number of small items like lipstick, mascara and nail polish along with spaces to hold an assortment of makeup brushes. The travel size version of this book is approximately the size of a personal journal so it doesn't take up much space in one's carryon luggage.

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