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Take advantage of the snow : get outside and play

Tobogganing can be a great way to share some winter laughs
Tobogganing can be a great way to share some winter laughs
AP Photo/Joel Page

Living in Northern Indiana has its many advantages.  It has beautiful lakes, great state parks, and a real sense of community.  But with the winter drab of February, many get the "itch" to get outside.  Rather than complain about it, why not get some fresh air!  Get off that couch!

There are many ways to be active in Indiana in the winter.  Sure, it is no Denver, Colorado, but you have to work with your own resources.   Try these activities:

1.  Rent shoeshoes or cross country skis and hike/glide through a state park

2.  Enjoy the Toboggan slides with friends and family. 

3.  Safely shovel  snow or volunteer to help someone else.

4.  Bundle up and go for a walk.  Even though it is chilly, if you are wearing the appropriate clothing a nice walk in the daytime (so people can see you) can be invigorating and refreshing.

Fresh air is great for your lungs (and your sanity).  Get outside today and give your body something it will totally enjoy!  What is your favorite winter activity?


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