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Take advantage of holiday marketing

Valentin'e Guide to marketing
Valentin'e Guide to marketing
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The holidays are a great time to spend with loved ones, and an even better time to take advantage of holiday marketing, especially if you have a solid online presence. Customers are always on the lookout for special offers. Why not use this time to take advantage of these great 'Valentine's Day Marketing Tips'.

Use this time wisely to drive traffic, sales and gain potential prospects.

Be sure to put that personal touch on by communicating through social media:

  • Send a quick ‘Happy Valentine’ message.
  • Offer Valentine's Day discounts and special sales.
  • Put out a heart felt ‘call to action’ status message.
  • Launch a Valentine's Day campaign.

Other great tips:

  • Become more social by increasing your social media presence, now’s the time to share, like and comment without any strings attached.
  • Use this special time as a way to say thank for your loyalty and following.
  • Add a holiday cover image to your social media platforms.
  • Share a list of favorite Valentine's Day quotes, photos, even add a slideshow.
  • Post a special thank you for employees and co – workers.

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