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Take advantage of back to school supply savings after school has begun

Those of us in Wichita, Kansas, are well into the beginning of the school year. Our children have settled into their classrooms, are making new friends, and are likely still trying to decide if they like their new teachers. Parents who felt the crunch of student registration fees and tuition, you're not alone. It seems prices are going up year after year, even in the public school system. And if there was something you forgot to pick up from your handy-dandy supply list we are given, you are probably surprised to find out that all the things you bought for 'sale' price are now marked 40 and 50 percent off. What? Yes. Just as seasonal items go on sale, so do school supplies that stores have overstocked.

School ready!
Wikimedia Commons

Take advantage of these sales and stock up on school supplies for next year. Go over the list you got for this school year, and check the required supplies for the following year. Dillon's has some great items in their mark down section! With a little effort, you could be stocked up now and relieve yourself from some of the last minute stress that will come next August.

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