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Take a walk in the woods and let the trees teach you

An old English oak in Baginton, England by Snowmanradio via wikipedia
An old English oak in Baginton, England by Snowmanradio via wikipedia

Monday, May 26, 2014: It's been stressful of late, thankfully this week starts out at a slower pace. So don't try to push forward. Do what you must, but leave the rest for later. If possible, take a walk in the woods and enjoy the beauties and bounties of Mother Earth.

Today's the day to take care of your basic needs, step back from the complexities of life and give yourself space to enjoy life's simple pleasures. Take time to appreciate the abundance in your life as well as the ever present endings and beginnings. Regain you strength, tap into your intuition, and let your primary focus be on laying a strong and secure foundation.

Let the trees teach you what can be accomplished through time, perseverance and patience. Remember, even the Mighty Oak began it's life as a tiny twig peering out of a decayed acorn.

Today's Quote

....and I touched the tree, thanking it for a moment for being with me in this quiet space, and as I did so, I suddenly had a very strange feeling. I felt that the tree was mirroring me, or perhaps I was mirroring the tree. I looked at the tree and thought, yes I am just like you. Burned, scarred and broken, but...Yes, there is hope. I can feel with each passing day I grow stronger and healthier. New life and healing will come from the old. And soon it will be only a memory, the difficulties of the past. Yes, my scars will always be there, a part of my story, but they are not what define me. There is more to come...Soon all my energy will rise above and beyond all that has happened, and I will be strong again. ~ Kathleen Prasad, Lessons from the Trees

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