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Take a walk back in time at the Florida Renaissance Festivals

Take a walk back in time at the Florida Renaissance Festivals.  A day at this festival offers guests the sights, sounds and smells of a long ago time. There is truly something for everyone; Ladies, Gentlemen, and children attending the festival can watch authentic jousting with the King, take out your frustrations by throwing rotten tomatoes at someone, play a giant game of chess or take a ride on the World’s Biggest Rocking Horse.  There are so many activities, demonstrations and shows that it is difficult even to list them all.

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Children will be thrilled to take a ride on mechanical amusement rides, chat with a fairy, watch a circus perform, sword fights or even chat with an authentic Privy Cleaning Woman complete suspicious looking mud on her face. Everywhere guests look there are fascinating and awe inspiring shows and surprises. All the show are entertaining and several of them are created specifically for the kids like Olde Tale of Robin Hood & St. George and the Dragon, Dragon Scales and Fairy Tales, and the Knighting Ceremony.  The festival even offers fun and educational tours for Scout Troops to earn patches.

There is no lack of delectable delights for those attending; guests can pick up a giant turkey leg, a 1 pound cookie, or traditional fish and chips among a multitude of other fares. Don’t forget to get a cup of mead to really put you in the mood.

Last but not least is the shopping. Rows of vender shops give the feel of a true renaissance village and offer unique artwork, wooden toys, jewelery, blown glass, weaving demonstrations, swords and armor, authentic renaissance garb and fun fairy wings for the kids.

The festival is held every year at Quiet Waters Park in Deerfield Beach in March and then again at Historic Virginia Key Beach Park in Key Biscayne in January. This year the Key Biscayne event will be held January 9-24th. If you missed the Quiet Waters Park event be sure to put this on the calendar as an event not to be missed!