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Take a Trip to a Growers Market - you may find more than veggies

Mushrooms!  Who can cook without fine, fresh mushrooms in profusion?
Mushrooms! Who can cook without fine, fresh mushrooms in profusion?

This past Sunday I took myself to the Sebastopol Growers Market. What a joy. Hey! Not only will you find excellent, locally grown, farm fresh organic products, but you just may find other worthy and exciting things as well. Sunday, in addition to wonderful and rare agricultural products, I also was delighted by some wonderful entertainments.

More than your average vegetable

Early in the day there was an excellent folk group playing with a lead singer with a beautiful voice doing some lovely Appalachian folk songs. Then I heard the jangle of bells and several dozen Morris Dancers exploded into the plaza. Morris was a form of folk dance from the Middle Ages and Renaissance, mostly in England. It nearly became extinct but made a big revival in the late 19th or early 20th centuries and has become popular in both England and the U.S. Originally performed primarily by men, many women now dance Morris.

Growers Markets provide an excellent alternative to the products of agro/industry available in supermarkets. Not only will you find excellent, organic fruits and vegetables, fine examples of the growing trend towards sustainable agriculture, you will also fine unique food products. At Sunday’s market there was a stand from an organic, grass fed meet farm and another stand with magnificent hand made sausages. There were several artisan cheese makers and some stands selling hand made jams, jellies and condiments.

Oh, and if you get hungry while there, you will also find food booths selling excellent ready to eat food that goes way beyond hot dogs and burgers. Sunday there was a booth selling Vegetarian Indian food and another selling meals made from organically farmed turkeys.

Growers markets offer you not only an alternative to mass market, agro/industry, they also offer you the opportunity to support the local economy and lower the carbon footprint.

All in all, a day spent perusing your local growers market is a day well spent. Talk about a stay-cation!

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