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Take a trip back in time at the Apple Pan

The Hickoryburger
The Hickoryburger

Some restaurants draw you in with their elegant décor. Some tempt you with their fancy nosh. And some places forego all of that window dressing in order to offer you a simple meal that’s just good old-fashioned fun.


Intrigued? Then head on down to the Apple Pan, a West L.A. favorite since 1947, where the no-nonsense staff dishes up burgers served with a side of old-school flair.

The Apple Pan sits on busy Pico Blvd., a quaint green and white building that stands out amongst its more modern neighbors. There aren’t any tables inside, but rather a line of stools that wraps around the square counter that surrounds the steaming grill in the center of the room. There are no reservations and no wait list – seating is purely on a first-come, first-serve basis, and the honor system reigns supreme. Customers tend to look out for one another, and it’s rare to see anyone attempt to “jump the line.”

The burgers are nothing fancy, but it’s the atmosphere that’s the main event – from the aforementioned honor system at the front door (tell me THAT isn’t old-school!) to the gents in white paper hats who’ve been serving up burgers here for decades, everything at the Apple Pan seems to glow with the beauty of an age gone by, a simpler time when the waiters insisted on putting the ketchup on your paper plate for you and the bill didn’t bring tears to your eyes.

The traditional Steakburger will cost you $6.50, with cheese an additional $.50. Fries are $2.15 and an old-fashioned soda is just $1.50 (and served in paper cones!). The famous pies are baked fresh daily and a delightful ending to your meal for less than $6 a slice (ice cream or whipped cream is an extra $2).

The food may be simple, but the nostalgic charm of the Apple Pan keeps the crowds lining up at the door – it’s an experience you just can’t miss.

The Apple Pan
10801 Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064


  • Sai 5 years ago

    I've been wanting to try this place for ages. Thanks for writing about it - it'll make me go there sooner.
    Twitter: SaiSays (LA Asian Restaurants Examiner)

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