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Take a summer vacation bike trip in Minnesota

One of the best things about living in Minnesota is the summer weather is normally very nice and great for most outdoor activities. The nice weather and the fact that Minnesota is loaded with great bike trails that take you through prairies, forest, and around thousands of lakes, makes a summer vacation bike trip the perfect activity.

trail cycling
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A bike trip is a great summer vacation for individuals, couples or families. The costs are low the fun factor is high, and a bonus is it’s one of the few vacations that you will get a good workout while you're vacationing. You can take a bike trip as a weekend trip, a week long family vacation or even longer for very little money.

One of my favorite trails in Minnesota is the Root river trail in southeastern Minnesota. One of the great things about camping in southeastern Minnesota is there are almost no lakes or swamps and therefore almost no mosquitoes, which makes camping much more enjoyable.

The Root river state trail is a 60 mile paved bike trail. The trail goes from the town of Fountain to Houston, with a connection to another trail that goes to Harmony to the south. Both trails are built on old railroad right of ways, so they are relatively flat, but both do have a short section that is kind of hilly.

There are 9 points of entry to the trails for day rides, as well as 5 private campgrounds and 3 state run campgrounds along the trail. If you camp in the Lanesboro area, which is near the middle of the trail, you can go out for daily rides, and cover both trails and be back by evening after several beautiful rides along the Root river.

Here is a link to a nice pdf map of the trail that shows you the entire area and also a lot of other information about the area and things to do. All the small towns you will see along the trail were started in the mid to late 1850’s, so there are a lot of cool things to see along the way.

If you want to take a really great summer vacation that includes exercise, and it will not cost you much money, a bike trip is a great way to go, and the Root river trail in Southeastern Minnesota is a great place to go.

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