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Take a risk: It’s Go for Broke Day

Go for Broke Day
Go for Broke Day
Sandra Perez

Saturday, April 5, is your chance to take that risk you’ve been wondering about, this according to Odd Loves Company. Can’t be done on a better day than Go for Broke Day. No source or creator has claimed this holiday, so we came up with a few ideas of what it could mean and how to celebrate.

Go for Broke Day doesn’t necessarily have to be about money, we think anything goes! This includes relationships, jobs, projects and more. Basically, any decision that has been going through your mind qualifies.

If it’s a project that’s been dwelling on your mind, make the decision today. Either drop the idea or take on the challenge and begin today.

A relationship issue? Whether you can’t get your relationship back on track, ask your crush on a date, or if you’re ready to take the next step into forever after, today is the day to do it. Nothing beats being spontaneous.

Is your boss or workplace driving you crazy? Quit! Follow the goal you’ve been dreaming of. Or maybe you were offered a promotion you’re not sure you want to take – either accept it or decline it today.

Note that you might want to think about your job pretty good, you don’t want to make a rash decision when it comes to work. A piece of advice would be to decide if the risk is worth taking. Although sometimes you really don’t know until you do it.

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