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Take a ride on the railroad

Rail Rush Worlds Images
Rail Rush Worlds Images
Paul Iuzzolino

One of the most popular games on Ipod and Android have been Temple Run. You take six characters and navigate your way through a temple environment, dodging gaps, trees, and flames on your quest to gain the highest score. You can also obtain coins that can be used to purchase power ups, such as coin magnets, speed bursts, invisibility, and coin packs. Well, now take that same game concept, and apply it to Rail Rush Worlds. In this game, you are riding a rail cart, and dodging signs, gaps, and other obstacles. Along the way, you collect gold that can be exchanged for power ups, including heroes, cart items, and extra stuff.

Gameplay: Rail Rush Worlds plays similar to Temple Run; you are navigating through different worlds, dodging obstacles, and collecting gold. The variety of worlds in this game is really impressive; the first world is an old mine, where you go underground and avoid signs and gaps. The next world is a snow land, filled with Christmas trees and light bulbs. You will find yourself running from ghosts and goblins in the horror land world. The next world looks like a pipe factory, decorated with all kinds of pipes. In the undersea world, sharks and many other animals roam around. Travel back to the prehistoric era by visiting the Jurassic jungle. Pharaoh's tomb resembles an ancient tomb. The most exciting part about playing this game is trying to miss the signs and gaps.

Controls: Once you start in the chosen world, press the left arrow key to jump to a left rail. The right arrow key will make the cart jump to a right rail. When you see an sign on the rail, press the up arrow key to jump over the sign. Sometimes a sign might be high, and you have to use the down arrow key to duck under the sign. As you are riding through a world, gold will appear; the a key is used to collect gold on the left, and the d key is used to collect gold on the right.

Game Mechanics: The cart rides really smoothly, and progresses at a steady pace throughout the level. The one power up that is similar to Temple Run in this game is the magnet; when this power up is activated the gold will come right to you. Other cool power ups are rams and grids that will destroy the sign obstacles. You have the choice of a wooden, iron, or steel ram or grid. There are also wooden, steel, and iron spikes that eliminate side wood obstacles. The extra items really help you in tough situations, like the dynamite, which destroys objects for 200 meters.

This game is really fun and is great when you are waiting for someone. The gameplay is nice and smooth, and the power ups give you a better score. The worlds look really clear in 3D; every world has it's own look and feel, and has a different theme. Fans of Temple Run will get into this game right away, and will play this game for hours trying to complete all the missions and gain the highest score.