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Take a relaxing moment to yourself: Celebrate Bubble Bath Day

Winter evenings seem to be so long and the days very arduous will everything that needs to be fit into the waking hours. We spend so much time helping others and doing things for work and family there never seems any “ME” time.

Happy Bubble Bath Day!

Now is the time to take a relaxing moment or a few and enjoy some of that “ME” time. Today, Jan.8 celebrates the fun holiday called “Bubble Bath Day”! On this day you are entitled to spend time alone in the tub soaking in bubbles as high as you want. The bubble bath liquid suds up when hit with the hot water for a luxurious experience and a pleasure to soak in.

D o yourself one better, let everyone in the house know you aren’t going to be available for a while. No interruptions are allowed unless it is really a serious matter. Place a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door to let everyone in the house know the message you are relaying to them.

Grab a book you have started reading or start a new one, bring a glass of wine and some votive candles to give the room a relaxing hue and offer a fragrance from scented or perfumed when they are lit. Why turn the overhead light on which is harsh when you want to sit in the lap of luxury in solitude to unwind, alleviate the stress of the day, work and family and relax while reading yourself for a very good night’s sleep.

Have a wonderful soak with your bubbles and enjoy “Bubble Bath Day”!

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