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Take a Picture and Watch Your Business Grow Beyond Your Wildest Imaginations


It is no secret that social media has become the leading platform to market your products and services to a wider audience at a relatively lower cost compared to traditional modes of advertising. So much has social media grown in relation to businesses that there are now ranks within the various platforms.

Facebook was the initial and most popular social media site for businesses but as of 2014, the Global Web Index placed Instagram as the fastest growing social media platform. Instagram is now the most efficient way to get your brand to a global level without the accompanying global-sized advertising expenses.

The fact that it is a photo-sharing community gives your business or brand instant visibility and recognition at scales that were previously achievable after months (and fortunes) of advertising. Plus, it has links to other social media platforms that ensures an even greater visibility for your brand.

So how exactly can this work for you? There are several ways to use Instagram to create buzz for your brand so here are just as few for you to get started:

1. Create a personality for your brand

Use pictures to tell the story of your brand in a way that appeals to your target market. Make sure that your pictures and words relate to their everyday life and get a guarantee of having a loyal following for your brand that will translate into conversions online and offline.

As part of this, you can print the Instagram images and create a mini-book documenting the journey of your brand. Send it to investors and loyal clients as gifts or prizes. If you would like to print the Instagram visit site

2. Go behind the scenes

Make your brand relatable by going behind the scenes to show your employees and/or the process of developing your product. People are always curious to know what goes on in the background and this can be a great way of marketing the quality of your product while appearing more personable to your client base.

3. Tease them just a little

Run mini promotions that engage your specific demographic in guessing what the next product or service is and when its launch will be. Post pictures that show parts of the product or hint towards the new service with captions that encourage followers to guess the new item in exchange for rewards such as the new item for free or at a discounted rate.

4. Encourage feedback from clients

Engage your followers and clients in posting pictures of how your service or product works for them. You could make it a contest where the most creative use of your product wins more of the same product. If it is a service, you could encourage them to post before and after pictures on your Instagram account.

5. Spread your hashtag around

Connect your Instagram to other social media platform to expand the visibility of your brands and subsequently your client base. Use clear hashtags that will make your brand easy to locate in the other platforms.

Things may change in the future but for now, get your brand on Instagram and reap the benefits of simply posting a picture online.

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