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Take a pet first aid kit with you wherever you go

Safety first!
Safety first!

Since July 4th is a time when many families like to travel, and many families take Fido along for the ride these days, it is quite important to have the necessary supplies on hand - just in case the need arises! One such important factor to consider is a pet first aid kit.

There are a few things that you will want to have included in the kit as a necessary precaution. Some of the items will be obvious, while some may need a bit of explanation to go along with.

The obvious items include a digital fever thermometer (in case Fido gets sick), an eyedropper and saline solution (if something gets into the dog's eye and a wash is required), Hydrogen Peroxide( for injuries - or if the dog gets into something like chocolate - to make the dog vomit), sterile gauze pads and Telfa bandage pads (for obvious reasons), a muzzle (sometimes required when a dog gets into a jam and tries to lash out at their pet parent or other healer and Milk of Magnesia (?).

Some other things to seriously consider would be Benedryl (in case of allergies or reactions to bug bites), Bayer chewable aspirin (in case of fevers or ear aches), an EpiPen (if your dog has serious allergies) and a portable cone (in case of injury or an infection you don't want the dog to lick). It is also wise to carry your veterinarian's information with you wherever you go so that you can easily contact them if need be.

Just like with children, preparation is the name of the game when travelling with canines. These curious fellows are likely to get into something that you would not want them to. Having the necessary supplies all compiled in one place gives you one less thing to fret about if an emergency situation does arise.

The American Red Cross is always ready to help if you have any questions. They have compiled on-the-go expert advice and step-by-step instructions regarding emergencies. All you need to do is download the American Red Cross Pet First Aid app (iTunes and Good Play; cost is $.99).

Once you have compiled your goodies, place them all in a sealed container and keep them handy with the dog's other supplies for the trip. Having the sense to be prepared is so much wiser than trying to react in an emergency - especially when you are away from home!

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