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Take a natural "flu shot"

Everywhere I go I see ads for flu shots. Every drugstore and in-store pharmacy wants to get in on the deal. Why? Believe me when I say that it isn’t to save lives. Flu shots cause far more harm than good. No, the reason is that selling flu shots is a lucrative business, and pharmaceutical companies make tons of the vaccine every year in hopes of convincing consumers that they simply must have a flu shot in order to be protected from the latest flu virus going around. Then they have to work hard to sell it all.

The problem is, flu shots don’t protect anybody, least of all the members of the most vulnerable populations, like the already ill and the elderly, who are nearly always advised to get the shots. Pharmaceutical companies just want to make money, and they’ve already demonstrated in many ways that they will stop at nothing to make more.

Flu shots remind me of the old-time snake oil remedies that used to be sold to unsuspecting customers before the turn of the 20th century. These often either contained no active ingredients or else they were lethal—shampoos that made people’s hair fall out, mascaras that caused them to go blind, and so forth. There are a lot of horror stories about those old unregulated remedies. People would put the most unlikely ingredients into them, just to make them look or seem effective. There was no science behind the ingredients they chose; they were just cheap and easy to get, and they sold products. The creative process went something like this: “Hey, let’s throw this in and see what it does.”

Unfortunately, the FDA and pharmaceutical companies are still doing the same thing the old snake oil makers used to do. They are concocting harmful, bogus medications and touting them as necessities to preserve your health. Pharmaceutical companies routinely sell drugs that kill people, and the FDA just looks the other way. It’s the same environment as if we had no regulatory framework at all. Flu shots are one of the worst scams in medical history, and both the drug companies and the FDA know it, but they want to keep raking in the big bucks.

Some of the biggest scandals of recent years have been about drug companies. They fabricated test results of their products, lied about what products do, used deceptive advertising, hid test results showing that people died from their drugs, and did everything they could to keep products on the market that they already knew were killing people. The pharmaceuticals market is just another form of organized crime.

Flu shots contain all kinds of non-therapeutic and harmful ingredients. Ingredients taken from pigs, monkeys, and other animals tend to be the ones that cause the greatest allergic reactions, which are sometimes fatal. And despite decades of complaints from health groups about mercury, the vaccine makers still put mercury into vaccines.

Mercury crosses the blood-brain barrier and can cause mercury poisoning, Alzheimer’s disease, and organ toxicity in any organ. There is no excuse for putting mercury in any product made for human or animal consumption. Mike Adams of Natural News has been testing products for heavy metals in his lab, and he recently found that GlaxoSmithKline’s flu vaccines contained so much mercury, it was 100 times higher than the limit in Australia. Where is the justification for this?

The whole premise of flu shots is shaky. The shots do not promote healing or prevent illness. They cause a lot of adverse reactions, and sometimes death. Moreover, a flu shot interrupts the body’s own defense system, which is why when people die of the flu, they are almost always the ones that have had a flu shot first.

I have long ago ceased taking vaccines for anything. The last one I took was in 1996, and that was only because my employer required it. After looking into vaccines and the process of producing them, I decided I was better off without them. There are some situations where a vaccine is unavoidable--if you are traveling abroad, you must take the required vaccinations, for example. If you are bitten by a rabid animal, you need the rabies shots, and if you step on a rusty nail, you need tetanus if you have not had a tetanus shot within the prescribed period beforehand. However, the good news is that for the flu there are a lot of natural alternatives to vaccines. Since every vaccine you take is a calculated risk, the fewer you need to take the better.

Of course, the healthier you are to begin with, the greater your immunity, so the first step is to include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet somewhere. This is not just a tired old cliche. A substantial volume of recent clinical research confirms that the polyphenols and other substances in fresh fruits and vegetables are highly beneficial to your health and can prevent and heal disease. And the old adages about getting enough sleep and drinking enough water are really true; sleep and hydration can stave off a lot of sickness.

The best “flu shot” besides these is to take the right vitamins. Vitamin C has always been my standby, and I’ve found that through 30 some years of taking high doses of it (1,500 mg/day of high-quality vitamin C--I use Solu-C with green tea in it, by Maximum Living), I have rarely gotten sick, even when everyone around me was sick. One precaution is that if you are on blood-thinning drugs, you need to coordinate your vitamin C dosage with your doctor, because vitamin C is a natural blood thinner. Also, if you're on a low dose of vitamin C at the moment, work your way up over a few days. But now, vitamin D3 is also in my arsenal. The latest research on vitamin D shows that it is probably the closest thing to a natural flu shot that you can have. It greatly boosts immunity, protecting you not only from flu but also from cancer and a host of other ailments. Most sickness is due to inflammation in the body, and curcumin, or turmeric, is one of the most potent anti-inflammatories there is. I take all three of these daily and try not to run out. They’re safe, and they work very effectively.

If you actually do get the flu despite all your precautions, there are still more natural remedies that work. A few drops of oregano oil (Nutra Foods or your health food store will have it) in a glass of water every few hours will kill any bug you have. Barlean’s olive leaf complex is a phenomenal natural antibiotic. It kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Take a tablespoon or two every few hours until you’re well, which probably won’t take long. Nutra Foods Huber Heights keeps it on sale year-round, so you’ll get the best price there. Finally, bentonite/Montmorillonite clay, such as Living Clay, is great to drink to absorb toxins, kill disease-causing microorganisms, and restore your natural pH. Just be sure to drink a lot of water with it so that you don’t get constipated. These are all remedies you can use even when antibiotics don’t work, because research shows that disease germs don’t become resistant to them.

If you add fresh, raw vegetable juices or fruit/vegetable juices to your diet and eat light—no heavy fatty foods or processed foods—while you have the flu, you’ll also get better faster, because you won’t be overloading your system. Clear soups, fresh fruit smoothies, yogurt, and vegetables will all promote recovery.

Whatever you do, don’t take an antibiotic for the flu unless you also have a bacterial infection at the same time. Flu is caused by a virus, and antibiotics don’t kill viruses—only bacteria. We are already at the point where antibiotics have been so overused that there are very few left that even work. Only take antibiotics for a serious bacterial illness, and if you do, be sure to take probiotics at the same time to protect your immunity, because antibiotics can destroy it. Probiotics would include commercial probiotic capsules or powders, kefir, yogurt with live cultures, and fermented foods such as kimchee. These will keep your gut healthy, and the gut is where your immunity resides.

If you are an individual with a compromised immune system—i.e., you have HIV/AIDS, are on steroids for medical reasons, or have some other health issue that would make getting the flu dangerous, I would advise you to seek the help of a naturopathic physician before taking a flu shot. He/she may want to give you intravenous vitamin C or some other more potent natural intervention that is safer and more effective than a flu shot.

It’s time we all recognized that pharmaceutical drugs are not the answer for everything. There are lots of situations where natural remedies work better and are safer. It’s also empowering to have some autonomy when it comes to your health. Knowing what to do to prevent and treat illness could enable you to survive, even in an emergency when drugs and doctors aren’t available to treat what you have. Natural remedies will not disrupt your body’s natural immune response, and that in itself is a great benefit.

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