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Take a look back at the late great Robin Williams' first film 'Popeye'

Comedian Robin Williams passed away earlier today August 11, 2014 after battling severe depression. Reports have suggested that the veteran actor took his own life by ashyxia. While he'll always be remembered for his Oscar winning performance in "Good Will Hunting" and classic films such as "Mrs. Doubtfire," "Hook," "Dead Poet's Society," and "Aladdin," few remember the legend's first feature film role.

His first feature film

The iconic comic's first film was actually a comic based movie. In 1980, Williams starred as Popeye the sailor man in the musical film. Popeye was a longstanding American comic character created in the early 1930's. By consuming a can of spinach, the pipe smoking hero would power up and save his sweetheart Olive Oyl from his rival Bluto.

While the movie grossed more than twice its budget, Paramount considered the film a flop. Robin Williams' first venture into a starring film role has since vanished into the archives of geekdom.

With his tragic and untimely death, the world can now look back and admire just how talented this man truly was. The variation of roles Robin Williams was able to portray throughout his career illustrated the depth of his art. The fact that this article can be categorized in the comic book section, shows just how deep Robin Williams has touched various art forms.

He was able to capture the essence of an adult Peter Pan in "Hook." He was able to seize the day as an inspiring teacher in "Dead Poet's Society." He became a stuttering sailor in "Popeye." And most influential of all, Williams was able to help audiences learn to forgive themselves in "Good Will Hunting."

With over four decades of illustrious stories, Robin Williams has left his mark on not only Hollywood films, but the world. He maybe gone, but he'll never be forgotten.

What was your favorite Robin Williams' film? Let me know in the comments below and of Twitter!

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