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Take a look around at Arizona's pristine landscape

The Elk River, now polluted to the point where you cannot touch the water.
The Elk River, now polluted to the point where you cannot touch the water.
National Geographic

And after you have done that, go back to your computer and catch up on what the conservative movement has done to West Virginia. Just as I fear that this past Holiday season will be the last before this nation slides into civil chaos, I fear that the lustful eyes of exploiters will be casting about for areas to sink their money into--after purchasing state legislatures and governors and ordering them to look the other way.

If you saw the "press conference" of the CEO who heads up a two-week-old company that spilled a toxic chemical into a West virginia river, he attempted to walk away from it until an intrepid reporter simply told him, "We are not done yet." And who do you think is going to stand between Arizona's desert landscape, with whatever resources lie beneath them, and the strip miners--the legislature, police force or the governor who will not even restrain the sheriff of Phoenix from abusing detainees?

Ever since President Ronald Reagan began saying that government is the problem, angry Americans have lined up to demand that state agencies cease and desist their protection of the environment--which means, in short, their protection of you and me. Believe me, the fact that the National Geographic website features an article entitled, West Virginia Chemical Spill Poses Unknown Threat to the Environment ought to be giving you nightmares.

Yes, this is an unknown, yet-to-be-understood threat that may have consequences that show up years from the initial cleanup. It may be threatening unborn children, which are very important props for un-Christian political candidates but who in reality mean nothing to those who are gutting regulations that protect children who are here right now, not to mention stripping funds from programs that prevent children from living in the streets and starving.

What is it about evangelical Christians, that they have no ability to think critically? Why do we not get angry about the hate that spews out of preachers, racism against our president and lies about the government he heads up right now? If I stood in the streets of downtown Tucson with a bible in one hand, what would be too outrageous for me to say?

Even though our government has never missed a payment to Social Security recipients, governors all over the nation are missing those payments for the simple reason that they do not make the contributions that will be drawn on later to feed, clothe and house retirees. Governors all over America have refused their own citizens the Medicaid program that would not cost their states one cent, just because they hate our African American president. That is the only reason why.
Now we see where the governor of New Jersey is fighting to preserve his future presidential campaign, after his political organization threw an entire city into chaos strictly for vindictive political reasons. And the right-wing media is not just supportive--they don't even want to cover the story! Even as they do not want to cover the story about the chemical spill in West Virginia, a catastrophe that means nothing to those who will tell you that science is lies straight from the pit of hell.

I'm sorry that this situation prevails, but if the American people are going to be willfully stupid and keep voting for these politicians who are all on one side of the spectrum, I can't help you. I can only advise you that if you live in West Virginia, move somewhere else if you possibly can--like another country! I am afraid that we have not yet hit bottom on the amount of abuse that Americans will tolerate. They are still so possessed with racism that they will raise an alarm because the president wants everyone to have basic health care! Have you thought about that? What are your personal priorities? We can pay for basic health care. We can also pay for war. We can pay to invade yet another country that poses no threat to us. We can begin another parade of victims that have been sacrificed to the Department of Defense.

Or we can pay for basic health care and education. Where is your priority? And are you really going to vote again and again for those who would see you homeless and shovel money out of the Treasury and into the bank accounts of the super-rich? This was the statement from the last Republican political candidate: 47% of Americans are useless "takers" who can be left behind in the streets because it is their fault they aren't rich. Does it really impress you that these people call themselves Christians?

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