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Take a lesson from Tiger Woods: How not to handle job searching

Earlier articles have talked about the silver bullet, or best thing that you can do in your job search.  But I think that we need to dedicate a little copy to the worst thing too.

So, what's the worst thing you ask?  Well, let's look at poor Tiger Woods and the drama that his little fender bender is creating in the media.  I have no idea what the real story is.  And frankly, I don't care either as I don't think it's any of my business.  But tell that to the media outlets who are all over him like leeches-they don't care if it was just him rushing out to be the first one in line at Best Buy for black Friday.  They only care about one thing: the fact that he is not really talking.  It may be big and it may be little, but every day that goes by without someone taking the bull by the horns and saying, "OK-this is it, deal with it.", the wonder grows.

So, job seekers, you wonder why you should care?  Well, it's important to face issues head on when you are job seeking as these may be the issues that are keeping you from getting work.  Think about some of the things that you wish you could change about yourself, your search, or your attitude:

Is it that your skills, training, or certifications are out of date? 

Is your resume a poor reflection of both your job description and professional impact? 

Have you had a lot of jobs in a short amount of time? 

Are you nearing retirement age, but still need to work for years? 

Let's face it-all of these things and more can be barriers to getting someone to pick up the phone and call you.  But the worst thing, I mean the WORST thing you can do in your search is ignore the obvious and hide under the covers.  I get to work with a wide variety of candidates across industry, age, skill, and socioeconomic lines, but the one common thread that pulls them all together is the fact that at some point in time, we all will have a hiccup in the road.  It's how you respond to that adversity that defines your professional legacy.  So, climb out from under the covers, make some plans to network in person with other people, and set goals for yourself to handle your worst professional "flaws"!  There is no value to be had in ignoring the obvious-take a lesson from Tiger.

Michelle currently serves as a Job Search coach helping professionals make the leap from looking to landed. In addition to her time spent coaching individuals, she delivers a variety of training sessions from Social Networking, Working with Recruiters, Online Resume Posting, and Interview Prep.
Michelle possesses over 15 years of diverse experience in functional areas such as recruiting, human resources, coaching, training, organizational development, staffing, sales, sales management, retail, and banking/finance.
Prior to working as a job search coach, Michelle made her career in the Placement industry working most recently for the 2nd largest Staffing Company in the World. For this multi-national organization, Michelle served as an Agency Recruiter, Corporate Recruiter, Senior HR Manager, and Area Vice President. During her tenure with this organization, Michelle was also tasked with various Organizational Development programs including the creation of a company wide Career Progression Program. Michelle also served on the three person team that introduced a new “Gen Y” based hiring model that included a greater emphasis on college recruiting/branding and internships. As a result of this experience, Michelle considers her greatest strengths to be talent identification/retention, talent development, and coaching for performance improvement. 
In addition to these areas of expertise, Michelle is rapidly growing her knowledge base around Social Media and Web 2.0 as it relates to the work world. She writes a regular blog on job searching that can be found at: Want to connect to Michelle? 
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