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Take a guided moonlit hike in the bosque

Light of the full moon
Light of the full moon
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Once a month on a full moon, the Rio Grande Nature Center State Park has guided hikes at twilight to experience nightlife of the bosque. Before dusk arrives, visitors and guides gather for their walk. Guides are Nature Center staff and well experienced volunteers. Participants are taken on a journey to explore the beauty of the bosque under the light of the full moon. The mood is magical and peaceful as you venture into the trees, keeping an eye out for night creatures such as owls and racoons and listening for their sounds. Its not unusual to come across bats flying in the evening sky or hear a coyote in the distance. You will be lead to the Rio Grande river where it looks even more magnificent at night, reflecting the light of the full moon.

The cost of this twilight adventure through the bosque is free. Parking at the nature center does cost $3/vehicle, even in the evenings because it is a state park. If you happen to have an annual New Mexico State Parks parking pass, then you can park at the Rio Grande Nature Center State Park for free. The twilight hikes are popular, so you must get on the RSVP list as soon as possible by calling 505-344-7240 to reserve your spot and visit their activities page to see dates of upcoming twilight hikes. The unofficial rules are simple. Dress comfortably for a walk, whisper as much as possible as to not scare away nightlife and try not to wear bug spray because it can harm the bugs which is food for the bats. Older kids are allowed, as long as they can also remain at a whisper level throughout the walk.

Alternatively, the ABQ BioPark hosts monthly Bosque Moonlight Hikes near Tingley Beach for $10/adult and $5/children. See their website for more information.