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Take a four-camera virtual ride on Falcon's Fury at Busch Gardens Tampa

The long-awaited Falcon's Fury drop tower is now open at Busch Gardens Tampa, and it's just as terrifying as you might have imagined while watching the 335 foot tower rise up into the sky during construction. If you haven't had a chance to climb aboard yet, click the video accompanying this article to take a virtual ride.

The video covers four different camera angles to make sure you get the maximum effect. Check out the view from all four seating sections as you go up the tower and as you make your hasty and heart-pounding return to earth.

You may have ridden drop towers before, but Falcon's Fury adds a new twist to the ride experience. You pivot 90 degrees, which means you're facing straight down as you plummet at 60 miles an hour back toward earth after reaching the top of the towering pole that stands more than 100 feet taller than SheiKra.

If you dare to ride Falcon's Fury, you'll have an amazing aerial view of the park and of Tampa itself. I recommend riding it both in the daytime and at night to get the full experience. It's going to be open for HowlOScream, which kicks off on September 26 and 27 for Freaky Preview before entering its regular run on select nights through November 1. Take a breather from the haunted houses and go for a joy ride in the sky...although Falcon's Fury will probably take your breath away too.

I'll most definitely be at HowlOScream several times throughout the season. Jump to this article to see my invitation for Scream Cam, where I'll get an early sampling of what's in store for 2014.

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