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Take a chance with the BookPeople Trust Fall

BookPeople invites readers to trust them to select their next favorite book for them.
BookPeople invites readers to trust them to select their next favorite book for them.

Trust falls are generally reserved for team building retreats as a way to force coworker bonding. But blindly trusting in others can also be applied to falling in love with a book as well as falling backwards. For the first time, BookPeople is asking readers to take the BookPeople Trust Fall.

The North Lamar store was inspired by a similar initiative in another independent bookstore in Greenville, South Carolina. The owner of Fiction Addiction had discovered a book she was sure her patrons would love, but wasn’t sure they would pick up given it’s title/cover. So she asked them to take a chance and pre-order the book “sight unseen.”

She did offer a money back guarantee to lessen the risk to readers, but the response from the dozens of people who took the Trust Fall has been positive. A month later, she reported on Facebook: “So far, we’ve heard it’s ‘captivating’…’all I want to do is sit here and keep reading [it]’ and ‘I’m enjoying the heck out of it.’” A few weeks after that update, the book was revealed to be “The Martian” by Andy Weir.

Now, BookPeople is asking Austin readers to take their own Trust Fall. Customers can sign up online for just one book, or a full year of quarterly surprises. Of the first book, the store says, It's a book we think you will be as eager to share as we are; a book you will devour under lamps late at night, galloping towards the final page of a story you will not soon forget.”

Along with the mystery book, each package will contain some extra goodies as a thank you for taking a literary chance. High-fives will also be offered for in-store visitors, but cannot yet be shipped, despite the recent advances in mail drone technology.