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Taiwan's 'Little Fatty' Lin Yu-chun is next Susan Boyle success story (video)


  'Little Fatty' Lin Yu-chun. Promo photo.

The Internet singing sensation affectionately dubbed "Little Fatty" by Taiwan's talent show audiences has the same raw talent and need of a makeover as Susan Boyle did on "Britain's Got Talent".

The overnight sensation LIn Yu-chun, a diminutive shop worker from Taiwan with a bowl haircut and a boatload of raw singing talent, is astounding YouTube viewers with his range, stage presence, and vocal performance.  Watching the video below will show that his performance, much like Susan Boyle's first TV appearance, grew stronger and more stirring as the song progressed.

Yu-chun competed on the televised talent show  "Super Star Avenue", much like Hollywood's "American Idol" or "America's Got Talent", singing an entire rendition of Whitney Houston's hit "I Will Always Love You".  A few million views later on YouTube, "Little Fatty" is gaining worldwide attention and proving, once again, that slick representation and recording studio tricks cannot replace natural talent such as his.

Start the countdown to seeing this star-in-the-making on Hollywood red carpets, with agents and managers scrambling to bring him to Los Angeles.  Hello, Oprah?

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  • Examiner Love 5 years ago

    Your video doesn't play! :(

  • J.C. Russell, LA Hollywood Insider examiner 5 years ago

    Examiner Love - Sorry you had video problems, but they appear to be on your end. Your readership is appreciated!

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