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Taiwan crash survivor crawls out of burning fuselage, calls father for ride home

Crash survivor crawls out of burning fuselage and calls her father to come and get her!
Crash survivor crawls out of burning fuselage and calls her father to come and get her!
Photo by Ashley Pon/Getty Images

A Taiwan plane crash survivor crawled through a hole in the burning fuselage and ran to a nearby home to call her father. This horrific TransAsia crash had only 10 survivors and 34-year-old Hung Yu-ting was one of them. She called her dad to come and get her, as he lived only a few hundred meters from the crash, according to MSN News on July 25.

The plane crashed on the resort island of Penghu and 48 people died, reports ABC News. The survivors, including Hung Yu-ting, were badly burned. Hung Chang-ming, left immediately to go to his daughter’s side once she called him, but when he got there she had already been taken away by rescuers to a nearby hospital.

The crash scene was chaotic and there were other survivors to rescue so before going to the hospital to check on his daughter, Hung Chang-ming stayed and helped firefighters and rescuers fight the fire and pull out survivors.

Knowing that his daughter had survived and was able to make it to a nearby house to call him, the father knew she came through the crash without too much injury, so he stayed and helped. Once the other survivors were pulled from the wreckage, the father went to the hospital to check on his daughter.

Hung Yu-ting is recovering today from burns on her arms, legs and back that she suffered while escaping the inferno of the downed plane. While Hung Chang-ming was one of the lucky family members who got to talk to his daughter, others could only recall their last phone calls with their now dead family members.

According to the Huffington Post today, the crash victims are mourned today. Among the 48 dead were an “esteemed woodworker, a senior military-police officer and two French exchange students.

All four members of the flight crew died in this crash and among the crash fatalities was a family of six and a family of four. These families included several children. This TransAsia Airways crash is still under investigation, but it is believed that the stormy weather along with the low visibility were the main factors in bringing down this plane in a crash landing.

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