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Tainted Skittles: Skittles tainted with 'unknown substance' hospitalizes two
Two people who ate from a package of contaminated Skittles required hospital treatment for burning throats, cramping and diarrhea, Indiana authorities said Wednesday.

Tainted Skittles have sickened at least two individuals, sending a pair of residents from Indiana to the hospital for burning throats, cramping and diarrhea. Indiana authorities said Wednesday night that they are investigating what caused the sicknesses, and if the source can be traced back to Skittles maker Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company or if the candy was somehow tainted afterwards.

According to NBC News on Thursday, “the Indiana State Department of Health said in a news release that preliminary tests showed that packages of Skittles sold at a Marathon Food Mart in Richmond had some kind of chemical substances, though what exactly those substances were has yet to be confirmed.”

Because investigators are unsure if the Skittles were intentionally tampered with, the Indiana State Police, the Indiana Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have all collaborated in the investigation.

Indiana State Health Department (ISDH) spokesman Amy Reel said, “We'll know more when we get the state lab results,” expected within a few days.

According to the ISDH, preliminary tests showed “unconfirmed chemical substances.”

Per the Indianapolis Star:

“The Marathon Food Mart at 2105 National Road W. and distributor Eby Brown have withdrawn Skittles lot numbers 08JUL14 023 and 01DEC14 023. Health officials advise anyone who has purchased Skittles with those lot numbers not to consume the Skittles. Instead, place the bag into an envelope and contact the Indiana State Police Pendleton Post at (800) 527-4752.”

Update 03/10 --

The Indiana State Department of Health released a statement March 7, confirming that no chemicals were found and that Skittles are safe to eat.Wrigley’s spokesperson, Denise Young, reached out to me today with the following statement:

We are pleased to report that further investigation from the Indiana State Department of Health proved that our Skittles product contained no unusual chemical substances or toxins and are safe to eat. The safety of our consumers and the quality of our products are our top priorities. We commend the Indiana State Department of Health for their swift and thorough investigation into this issue.

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