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TailWind Distilling: Review

TailWind Distilling

TailWind Distilling Company was founded by pilot Toby Beall, who began his entrepreneurial endeavors as a brewery. The name of the company comes from Beall's experience as an aviator. There are other pilots in the family too.

We tried Taildragger Rum Amber and it is made from organic molasses in a traditional copper pot still, before it is aged for 6 months in rye whiskey casks to add color and depth of flavor and this it does. The nose and first sip are whiskey-full. Nothing in particular sticks out, excepting whiskey from the storage casks. But, it's a smooth sip. That would explain all of those awards!

We also tried the Midnight Caye Rested, which is 100% Blue Agave spirit. It cannot be considered tequila as it does not come from a plant in one of the stated eight Mexican states of production. The nose doesn't product anything discernible.

Midnight Caye Rested is also made in small batches and very smooth. Aghhhh.

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